Sea Pride LLC

Oman’s tradition and the fishing practice was an inspiration for us in the Fisheries industry since the earliest stage of our activities. We have explored large potential for sourcing Sustainably caught fishes from Oman and adding our experience and expertise to the commercial formation of Sea Pride LLC in the Fisheries sector.

Our aim is to produce Oman origin fish products for the world market. We are the leading fish and fish products exporter in Oman with a leading sales of US.$. 68.1 million in 2019. We export fresh chilled fish, frozen fish, value added fish products, fish meal and fish oil to 40 countries such as Europe, US, Far East, Middle East etc. We use the latest technology for value added products and in turn gain maximum benefit to the national economy of Oman.

Our journey in the year 2005 with a Turnover of US.$ 2.1 Million in the first year and maintain an average growth of 25-35% every year. The company was incorporated in the year march 2005, under the leadership of Shk. Juma Mohd Said Al Farsy and Mr Mohammed Ameen. We support and provide maximum market benefits to the fishing community in Oman and help them to adopt modern methods of fishing activities in order to maintain sustainable fishing. We comply with international food safety and quality standards to achieve significant market segments both locally and internationally.

Engaging in highly talented and skilled team and producing high Quality Guaranteed products has always been our major objective. We also focus on staff welfare and commitment to the Socio-economical aspects of our industry. We generate more employment opportunities for Omani citizens especially focus on women empowerment and ensure employee’s safety and stability. Highly talented and skilled man power involvements are placed in all our sections such as procurement, production, storage, marketing, quality assurance and logistics. Our team is motivated by employee welfare programs which secure better returns for their contributions.